Bluehentrooper as Stormtrooper


Star Wars Series

Cosplayer: Bluehentrooper
Although I listed it as complete, this costume requires constant upkeep. It seems like there's always elastic or velcro that needs to be replaced.

Here are the answers to common questions I receive about this costume:

1. Where did you get your armor?
A: I joined the Galactic Empire. It's standard issue for all stormtrooper recruits.

2. No seriously, where did you get it?
A: A fellow trooper made it for me. If you want your own armor, this is the place to start researching it:

3. How much did it cost?
A: The Empire doesn't release that information to civilians. Basically it was my high school graduation present to myself.

4. Can I borrow it?
A: No.

5. Pretty please?
A: No.

6. Is it really hot inside of it?
A: Yes. Let's just say that it develops its own little weather system after the first ten minutes.

7. Is it heavy?
A: No, it's actually surprisingly light. The shoes are probably the heaviest part of the whole costume.

8. Do you have a blaster to go with it?
A: Naturally. It's just a toy that you can buy off the shelf, but I've got a modded one that's more accurate that I plan to replace it with.

9. Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
A: Aren't you a little predictable for a comedian?