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This was done relatively last-second for Anime Mid-Atlantic '08. The fabric for the dress was a pale yellow silky solid and the scarf was done with a dark gold silk essence, both from JoAnn fabrics. It was done in about a day and a half, using an altered halter dress pattern.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I'm pretty new to sewing clothing in general, and this is the first dress I've gone off the grid with as far as patterns are concerned (did the collar all by myself without a pattern woot!) I wound up doing the bow on the wrong side of the dress, however- I put that on at the con itself and forgot my reference images at home. The only one I could think of was actually fanart, and the bow was on the right instead of the left. Whoops.

I'm probably going to redo this costume before I go back to school- there are a lot of problems that need fixing, such as the fact that it's unlined, and the collar is a bit uneven in the back.


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