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Working on Irenes was comical, the definition of Murphy's Law. Just when I thought something would didn't. I spent countless months just planning how I would complete it but only took two months to actually construct.

Armor is made of craft foam, Model Magic, wire, glue, and paint. The suit is made of metallic spandex and the fins are made of vinyl sheeting.

My tutorial on how to create this kind of armor:

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Last Updated 6 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Chrono Cross
Character Irenes


Hylian Jean I don't even know the character but I seem to have a thing for aquatic goddess-types and I'm blown away. This cosplay is GORGEOUS! All the craftsmanship I can see looks so smooth and elegant and vibrant. Great work!

score Too perfect! Incredible work and you look so pretty as her.

gam3RtiLdeatH Awesome costume, superb. May I ask, what did you use for your blue face make-up?

Baudette You know this already, but I am in LOVE with this costume. It's so immaculate! Keep up the amazing work you gorgeous thing you!

juujuu_pop Good job! (and craft foam = awesome)

Yui Hey, I stopped you in the hallway at ACen to gush at you. >^_^< I'm still very surprised that I was the first person of the day who actually knew who she was. (I know CC is somewhat old by now...but still....) ^_^; As someone who quite loves the game, you've done her great justice.

DeviousDybbuk The armour is especially impressive, though everything else is just, well perfect! You are such a beautiful Irenes and you're an inspiration to all cosplayers!

Atheana I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this costume! You are gorgeous and so talented doll! <3

Aeth I love, really..

Saurus WOW, you look amazing! I was afraid to use model magic because Ive heard nothing but bad things about it. After seeing what you did with it, I changed my tune! All your costumes are fantastic, I can't wait to see whats next :) (Thank you for the kind words, I'm so glad you liked my costume!)

Kid35613 This costume is AMAZING! You are a wonderful Irenes cosplayer! Chrono Cross cosplay owns! You are gorgeous!

rock_n_roler Youre costume just ruule!! This is one of the best Chrono Cross Cosplay Ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

RuhiNunchuck wow this look amazing! I love this character! Chrono Cross is amazing and so is this costume!

Hitokiri Kilik This is so amazing! Chrono Cross was a great game and seeing cosplayers from it really brightens my day. Especially with how awesome this cosplay came out.

evory111 That costume is my favorite by far on this site!

clover_keat just...WOW.

BalthierFlare I saw you at Otakon. ^^ I loved your Irenes! Awesome job representing Chrono Cross! Your craftsmanship is amazing!

Pretty Sammy That's an absolutely amazing costume! :D

Pocketfightr So pretty! I wish I had seen it in person (curse the convention being so big that I miss some awesome costumes running around).

Sarcasm-hime This costume is freaking INCREDIBLE. Irenes was in my 'maybe someday' file but you've done such an amazing job there's nothing left for me to do. I'm really, REALLY impressed, especially by the Model Magic. I've never used it as I'd heard it's not a very good material, but it looks super-smooth and clean and just perfect. I'll have to keep it in mind for future projects that require weird curves like that.