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Howl's Moving Castle



Recent photoshoot, check it out. :)

Yey for Sophie! ^^
My friend and I wanted to do a cosplay together, so we decided HMC! C: I love the movie to death, so it was a good choice!
This is easy compared to my Zelda. X.X
The dress is extremely hot. &gt;<" I was sweating a lot...
I think it turned out fairly well. Thanks to Jill for taking the pictures. ^^ She is Howl.
DRESS: My grandmother combined a pattern with one she created on her own to form this dress. She covered the buttons with the same fabric and sewed them on. The back snaps up, and the lace around the color is just trim. It's pleated so I don't look pregnant. &gt;<"
HAT: I bought a straw hat from an arts and crafts store, then cut it off so it was the right size. Then I painted stryofoam balls pink and glued on the magenta-cranberry ribbon, and the pink balls. I maneuvered the ribbon so it looked like Sophie's. (like how it comes down where the three balls are).
HAIR: I just put my hair into a ponytail, braided it and then put ribbon on both ends of it. (now a wig)
SHOES: I bought them for approx. $5 at a department store.
PETTICOAT?: I used a puffy slip underneath and wore black tights like Sophie did. ^^

If you want some help on your Sophie cosplay, message me and I'll try to help. Or if you just want some specifics, I'll be happy to help you. :D


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Narnian Beautiful cosplay!

ririmimi Amazing!!!

anipi One of my favourite Hayao Miyasaki movies <3 You're far too adorable!! Great Job.

lany i love that movie soo much. well done!

Wammy's_agent_S Yeah for Sophie! Miyazaki's female characters are so AWESOME! Love your cosplay! I wanna be Howl someday!

flare346 So cute! xD

usakou so cute sophie ^_^

Moonfish aww! you're really cute x33!

shattered_song zomg! your sophie is so adorable! i love it! great job! :)