Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy VII



Wig: Godiva from Amphigory in color #8. I cut in bangs and the shorter section on the right, and used red faux suede trim for the hair-tie (though there's a scrunchy underneath. xD).

Shirt: I bought a basic, white tanktop at Wal-mart, then made some drastic alterations. I took in the seams to make it form fitting (I bought a large to accommodate my stuffed bra xD) and shortened it to show my belly.

Skirt: Altered drastically from a skirt I had. I removed the zipper and shortened it, then lowered the waistline and reinserted it. I also shortened the bottom hem. It's real leather, which is why I didn't just make it from scratch, lol. ^^;;

Belt: E-bay.

Suspenders: E-bay. The front clips and leather strips (which are leather lacing) were bought separately (though also on E-bay xD). I removed the original clips on the front ends, strung the lacing through the openings, and added new clips, super-leather-gluing the ends. It turns out deer must have hides of steel, because I broke a needle attempting to /handsew/ through the lacing. :P

Elbow Armor: I made a base out of Wonderflex and coated it with Friendly Plastic. Smoothing it out was HARD. o_0;; It took me days to finish... The studs are buttons that I cut and sanded the bases off of to make them flat. The two flatter studs on the outer "flaps" are iron-ons intended for clothing.

I sewed an elbow-pad out of gray cotton and sewed the elastic (which was made for suspenders) into it. Then, I stuffed it with some batting scraps and closed it up. It attaches to the armor with industrial strength Velcro.

Due to my fear of spray-paint, my dad took care of the nice, metallic finish. ^^;;

Earring: The same as the one I used the first time I cosplayed Tifa, way back when...

Armwarmers: E-bay.

Gloves: Made from scratch. o_0;; I couldn't find any that were accurate enough for my liking, so I made them myself from pleather... and blood, and sweat, and tears. I used the pattern Vogue Accessories V7949 (view G), altering it so that the gloves were fingerless, and a few other minute details. They're COMPLETELY handsewn. ^^;;

The studs on the right glove are more of the buttons I used for the elbow armor. The bandaging on the left is 100% cotton bias tape made for corsetry. I tea-dyed it to achieve the parchment color. The leather trim is bias tape, and it closes under the wrists with velcro.

Socks: Closet. They're ribbed knee-highs that I scrunched down.

Shoe Armor: Wonderflex, Elmer's glue, iron-on studs (that I super-glued on xD), metallic paint, and velcro.

Shoes: The base shoes were bought on E-bay.


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Kazephyr Wow, thank you! ^_^

SilverStarboy Great FF7 Tifa look! probobly one of the most accurate Ive seen