Ise Nanao




Costume was made the night before ALA in 4.5 hours, thanks to the miracle work of member Silver_Ruby :D

We made the hakama + gi in one night, it was good that I can manage to part my hair like hers and I already have glasses :3

This costume is still listed as incomplete @ 90% because I have fallen in love with cosplaying Nanao and I want to perfect it :3 I realized belatedly that I did her hair a little bit wrong, my left ear should be showing, and also, her eyebrows arch up.

Will be wearing this costume again for AX2007, hopefully I can be 100% satisfied with my costume by then!

Bought the straw-weave sandals & purple contacts!

still need to:
- find rounder glasses
- get white tabi socks


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Series Bleach
Character Ise Nanao


TeppouNioi Best cosplay of her thus far

jounink u look just like her