My first serious forray into sewing. Both the Vest and the undershirt were handsewn. The undershirt is 4-way PVC fabric, and the vest has a duckcloth front. Duckcloth frays like mad!

The eye effect is a custom molded prosthetic cast in Platsil gel 10 silicone. I made the piece in a record 5 hours. I'll probably remake it more carefully in the future. I did the coloring in the hotel bathroom one-eyed and with bad lighting. I find I'm able to wear the prosthetic for about 3 hours before the moisture builds up and becomes unbarable. True silicone adhesive may help this. After removing the piece and wiping the eye down, it glues right back on, no problem.

Wearing PVC fabric is stankier than I expected. After about 8 hours of that, a vest and a trenchcoat, it is in despirate need of a wash, and so am I.

Totally worth it though. The girls the recognized me were overjoyed. I may redo this costume from scratch now that I've learned from my mistakes.


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Series Dramacon
Character Matt
Variant Book 1 costume


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