I saw the artwork by Blackeri and just plain fell in love. So I had to make it! Stunned the hell out of my rez mates when I walked (late of course) wearing it. And then stunned some more when I told them I made it (which explains why they saw so little of me, ahahaha). Am in love with this one though. I'm normally so critical of my work. But I'm absolutely in love.

Update March 15/07- Jewelery is DONE! Need a better hand mirror, and wig is in progress. Won two awards at Ad Astra 2007 with this, although unsure of what they are specifically yet. I'll update when I know for sure (Hey- it was a rumor from a friend who actually ATTENDED the award ceremony, and picked up whatever we, Envy and I, got. That's my story :P)


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