Samurai Champloo



This costume came about from 2 reasons:
1. I wanted to make a kimono
2. I loved the character design for the gambling outfit.

After seeing Episode 4 again, and throwing out several half-baked kimono ideas, I finally found a design I liked and could work with.

Special touches: the flower is my first applique attempt. It turned out extremely well!
the obi is hand made and tied into a drum knot (with some help). I may fix the interfacing I initially used;
I made all of my obi accessories.
Although the obi appears to be entirely yellow, I found a fantastic so-ugly-its perfect brocade for the back- just the right historic and modern feel for the knot!

This is a fun costume to wear, but not too warm for the winter. Not everyone knows the outfit either, but for the people who did- thank you!!


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Last Updated 12 years ago
Created 13 years ago
Series Samurai Champloo
Character Fuu
Variant Episode 4, Gambler kimono


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