Hinata Hyuuga




I LOVE this cosplay! It's one of my favorites! My Ruki cosplay was more of a memorable one, but Hinata's outfit is way more complex and way more recognized - and accepted, happily - by the public at the cons.

Since this cosplay was produced mostly during the summer, it was very hard to find the proper fabrics (luckily, I never WORE the costume during summer... XD). The wig was cheap, but it's one of my best ones. I'm a brunette, so dark wigs feel kinda natural on me.

I'm specially proud of the sandals. Me and my mom did it with a pair of slippers, thick foam, some fiber and cheap cotton t-shirts... XD

Some people criticize my cosplay harshly, because I don't wear Byakugan contact lenses. Well, I WAS using lenses, but grey ones, not white ones, so it's hard to notice. I have hypermetropia, and it's very hard and too expensive to get proper lenses when you're +6.00 / +3.00... so please, don't blame me.


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Series Naruto
Character Hinata Hyuuga


ZeikHunter Wow! Marle, Rukia, Aika, AND Hinata? (Before I go any further, so I sound like I'm complimenting the costume, this is REALLY accurate and it looks awesome.) You're incredible!