TheWestWind as Kamikirimusi


Soulcalibur IV

Cosplayer: TheWestWind
Info coming after I have completed it... Because as of now, May 14, 2009, I still have the weapon, painting, necklace, and legs to do.

Edit after AN: Ok, the wig was a Leslie wig in Burgundy from Cosworx with quite a few wefts added in. Really, Leslie is thiiiin, I wanted a Scruffy but it has been sold out for like 6 months.

The legs are hockey tape over top a thigh high stocking because tape hurts. I then got a friend to hand print them. I prefer tape because sewing bandages makes the legs look bulky and the fabric I found was too pure white. The look of tape is also a ton better though the setup time is greatly increased.

The weapon is mainly 6 cut strips of foam board around a wooden pole. Covering the corners of the board is painters tape. I then spray painted it with grey primer and used a really dry ratty looking paintbrush with black paint and water to give it texture. After all the paint had dried I painted a layer of Mod Podge on it for the metal shininess. The spikes are made of Crayola Model Magic because apparently I can't make them really sharp or strong. Of course they kept breaking off and stuff so that kinda sucked.

The flames on the kimono thing are painted on with acrylic paint. I needed at least 2 coats of each colour which took quite a long time.

My nails are all fake and very hard to walk around in. They all have to be put on after the rest of the costume is on because I can't pick up anything with them on (found that out the hard way).