I'd like start by saying THIS COSTUME WAS REALLY FUN!

Used real authentic parts. Mask, Body suit and Feet were made with burlap, manually stitched and ripped by hand (not scissors). The only part I used scissors was to cut the holes in the mask. The gloves were made with Pig Leather. Black professional make-up and lipstick were used. Used Raffia for the hay.


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Created 11 years ago
Series Batman
Character Scarecrow
Variant Batman


MR. FEARS One of the best scraecrows I've ever seen.

Disco_Lady OMG! Amazing Cosplay, Amazing Photoos!! Excelent! :D

Narcomics This is EXCELLENT work bud! Look forward to rockin out the DC with ya in a future con!

GC5 It's a great scarecrow costume! we missed you as well :( all our group was missing was a scarecrow, oh well.

N1nja P1rate Hiya! Female Mad Hatter from Comic Con here. Just wanted to say I LOVE your Scarecrow cosplay!!!!! It looks amazing! =^.^=