SycoTik as Sasori


Naruto: Shippūden

Cosplayer: SycoTik
I first thought about cosplaying as Sasori when I decided that I wanted to get me an Akatsuki cloak. Stupid me should have been alittle more careful buying online since the size wasn't right and I couldn't refund it but was able to get a discount, ended up buying a size specified to my measurements but even then it's alil snug everywhere. I'll be wearing the cloak this year but going to have to sell it when it's all over and look for a tailor next time.

Items: Akatsuki cloak bought online from an online store in China, Sandals that fit perfectly thanks to a seller on eBay, two plain white t-shirts, a few small bungee cord/ropes, black sweatpants, foam container, spraycan that has a gold/lightbrown color so lets say skincolor spraycan, grey color spraycan, and blue yarn. I'm missing temporary red dye hair spray and black nail polish.

Since the cloak is kinda tight on me I thought it would be best to make the inside part of Sasori. Nothing too fancy like I've seen on the site but I'll try to make it show that I put in alot of effort. The mini glue gun will come in handy for this task.