Harvest Moon



This cosplay was all bought xD I didn't sew anything.
It was a spur of the moment non serious cosplay that I'm starting to love xD

The shirt is bought from goodwill for 2 dollars..yes it's not accurate but close enough..very comfortable and I love it
My corset is the one I use for my Pirate character. I was a black Rampage dress that I cut.
My skirt is a David's bridal dress I bought at goodwill for 15 dollars (it brought a matching purse 8D)
My wig is a Naomi wig in Pink while my headband is a headband I had.
I bought a set of four artificial chicks meant for floral arrangements as a prop for 15 dollars. I was going to buy a chicken but it was over 30 dollars everywhere I checked Dx Chicks are cuter anywho xD Not sure If I'll have them on my body or carry them in a basket..hmm..


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Series Harvest Moon
Character Popuri


Ragtime Mouth So cute, I love it

maey890 YAY!!!! Popuri is sooooooo adorable!

KakeraのTsuki Popuri! It's so well-done and you look adorable ^^ Harvest moon needs more love in the cosplay world ;__;

SilverStarboy This is great! Not only have I never seen this done but Popuri was always my favorite girl on Harvest Moon 64