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I put this together so long ago it's hard to remember now.

The wig I got I believe from ebay from the hairmenow seller.

The unitard I bought for 75$ from someone online. I can't remember them now but I'm sure if I looked through my hundreds of old emails from 10 years ago I could figure it out. Since she created it, I painted the zipper black cause she used a regular silver one.

The black boots (which you can't seen in any of the pictures unfortunately were just basically gogo go boots I had laying around that I bought really cheap from walmart.

Sunglasses I think I got from walmart. I searched high and low for them to find the perfect ones for Julia. Unfortunately I liked them so much I wore them all the time and I broke them as you can see in the picture. Gonna have to get new ones.

The belt, which I'm gonna have to get better pictures of, is perfect. I made it out of sculpey, baked it, and painted it. It's this contraption of elastic and velcro. I'm so proud of it. Unfortunately one side of the belt wasn't stuck together well enough and came apart and you can see me holding it together for one of the pictures. SINCE then though I got some really crazy cement glue and stuck it back together and it seems really solid now so I think it would be fine if I ever wear this again.

For the choker I just got some black velvety ribbon and some velcro and there you go.

If I ever wear this again I think I'm gonna try to remake the unitard myself now that I have a pattern and know how to do it. That way I can try to add in the fancier top part from the pictures.

I'd also probably try and get padding for the front area as Julia is quite well endowed and I am...well...not lol.


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