The Lady of Pain

Planescape: Torment



I made this costume from someone I really care about. He has the tattoo on his back, and its pretty fantastic. Plus I LOVE Planescape, so it was a perfect costume idea. I've wanted to do it even before I met him, and then even more after I had.

This costume was a year in the making. I did tons of sketches and saved up tons of items in a box.

All the colors of the outfit were picked based on what the water colors kinda conveyed. I wanted her to seem royal, but mysterious. So I leaned towards that in my color selection

The outer robe is made with a dark blue, embroidered taffeta, to give the swirl effect of the artwork. Its trim is silver. The under dress is made from a tough green upholstery fabric, to give it a more rigid look. The hoop skirt is hand made from a bed sheet and a hula hoop. I will link the tutorial I made for it below.

The Lady's pendent was made with cardboard, model magic and beads. All metal was painted silver and highlighted and lowlighted. The shoulder pieces were made with camping foam as the base and cardboard re-enforced with camping foam and layers and layers of clear paint (before I knew the wonders of resin) The whips on the side were snapped into place so it would seem they come out from under my dress and around to the front.

The mask took two months to make. There is 27 blades. All hand painted. Made from Cardboard and re-enforced with camping foam. The base of the neck and the top circle and bottom circle blades are made with camping foam. All of it was put together with hot glue and adhesive spray. The main mask was made with paper clay, using sun glass lenses for eyes. This all sits on my head with a black hood under it, which had a collar connected to it.

I still need to get some good pictures taken. This costume is so hot!!


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Series Planescape: Torment
Character The Lady of Pain
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HistorianofHell Awesome!! I'm glad there are actually two of us that made the Lady of Pain!!! She deserves more love. Love the dress, too!!