Traditional Gypsy




This costume was inspired by my love of freespiritedness and unquenching desire to not fit in. Therefore this is not a "normal" type gypsy costume. It is, instead, a more traditional aproach. I have used colors that were well loved by the gypies. I also followed a few unknown clothing "rules". Head scarves are worn by married women or by young women to tie their hair back. Skirts are to cover the ankle and bodices should not hang off the shoulder or expose a gross amount of cleavage.


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Series Original
Character Traditional Gypsy
Variant Minstral


Narnian Aye! Thank you! ^_^ I hope to make another outfit in the future.

Vivichan Loved it! I love gypsy things, It's a great culture!

jascarly123zo OMG!! you look JUST like one of my classmates, Courtney!!!! holy snot!! u look! but u look JUST LIKE HER!! XDXD