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Battle Royale

It’s amazing how many shops sell Battle Royale costumes if you look… I bought the skirt a while ago, and when I found an almost-matching jacket in a charity shop, I realised I had most of the uniform. I made the underskirt, and I already had the shirt, socks and shoes, so all I needed was the tie, collar and map!

Unsurprisingly, it’s inaccurate, but not bad for an almost entirely shop-bought costume! Even so, I've been working on a remake and have made the skirt from scratch so it's got the splits at the sides and laces up. I chose the skirt fabric to match a blazer I already owned, so everything matches better now. Summoner_eilidh also gave me a shirt with the correct peter pan collar.

I decided I wanted to try and make the collar blink, and hit on a great idea. Steal the little blinking lights from one of those evil novelty cards! So I found one (it cost a fiver…) and it played the most god-awful music. First thing was to disconnect the speaker, which was a horrific process involving enduring the music until I succeeded. Then removing the lights was easy, and fitting them to the collar was much harder. All the wiring and everything is only just hidden by the collar.

Once I've finished improving the costume, I'd like to wear it to an event. It's nice and simple, so a convenient costume to wear.
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