This was supposed to be for a photoshoot that I don't think ever happened. Oh well... still had fun ^^ Artemis has always been my favorite goddess, and I felt "divinely inspired" while making this outfit.

The tunic was just scrap material that I had left over from my Daine outfit, cinched at the waist with rope. My wrist guard (a very important piece, for those of you that don't know archery) was the same fabric with a cardboard insert to keep it stiff. The various moon charms all over my outfit were courtesy of Sabby642, just Sculpey. My arrows I made from dowels, and the bow was commissioned from my friend. The shoes, which need to be fixed, were made from flip flops that got destroyed. Hopefully I'll fix them up for next time :)


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Character Artemis


Irenthel God, Mary, I freakin' love you.

Kirdina_the_elf A wonderful cosplay! Beautiful and inspiring to all who wish to embrace their inner goddess! Makes me want to do a greek goddess cosplay now too, you planning on organizing a group for next year? hehehe Let me know!