Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



This is my second AntiForm. Though, after wearing AntiVexen, I either need to seriously brush out the wig, or go and get a new one, as the one I have for this cosplay is really tangled. Stupid strong wind.

Also, I'm going to try and find a new way to do the face. Face paint takes too long to put on, and is really hard to take off. Skin can't breathe with all that face paint, so I'm really pale when I clean it off, and I have grey spots. So maybe a mask is best. Same for AntiZexion.

AntiForm Vexen / AntiVexen

Costume has been declared cool by the elderly, and terrifying by small children!

Worn to Con-G 2011 with ForeverFlame as Even, and Nekoyasha_23 as Vexen. We entered the masquerade, but didn't win anything.
Video of our walk-on:
(we were cut off, that's why the music cuts off so suddenly)


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Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Character Anti-Vexen


sahados_shadow This is terrifyingly awesome and hardcore.

Zexion_is_love oh wow thats cool!

T0K0 OMG YES!~ Such an awesome idea :D