Female Mage

Ragnarok Online



I've never played RO...I just like the designs. *lol*

The skirt, boots and capelet are fake suede that I quilted (and you can't even see the quilting on the skirt in most pics...;__;). It took quite awhile, as I'm stupidly anal and even quilted the parts that no-one will ever see. The boots have hand-sewn satin applique and I'm very proud of them. ^_^

The gloves are hand-sewn from the same fake suede as the loincloth...which isn't stretchy and frays terribly. This experience taught me to never make gloves from fabric that: a) isn't stretchy, and b) frays terribly. -.-;;;

I wasn't too happy with the wig...it's not as dark as it should be despite 3 bottles of wig dye...and with my hair under it it looked a bit beehiveish and poofy (although it looks better in pics than it did in the mirror), but overall I was pretty happy with the costume.

The staff topper is sheet brass, cut out veeeery slowly with my trusty jeweller's saw. The centre is two resin jewels. The staff part is a broom handle that I carved to taper at the end, with Paperclay detailing. It was done totally at the last minute, so I'd like to touch up the paint job. -.-;


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Poke~ I Love Ragnarok costumes *__* Very Nice ^^