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I'll be Roxas as a part of our Organization XIII-groupcosplay. Since I'm the shortest of us (except maybe our Zexion, she's almost as tiny as me : P), others thought that it would be fitting that I'd be the "junior" of the group. Bleah : P

So, our poor sewingmachine-slave Xigbar has been working really hard with the coats. With realisticly wide zippers and light-yet leather-looking fabric, I've absolutely fallen in love with those coats &gt;u<

First, I was like "I'll use my own hair, it'll be sooo much easier!" wrong I was, with my natural dark brown hair... -_- so, many hair-dye-operations and dead hair later, I decided to wear a wig. Luckily I found pretty good wig at milanoo :&gt;

As for what to wear under mah coat, I have a leet top that I got for christmas :3 with "XIII" on it and text "No Axel! My heart belongs to me!" (our axel said that it should be 'ass' instead of 'heart' XD). I bought trousers from second hand store for a couple of euros, and they're wearable for a normal life as well, lucky me :3

Those damn shoes &gt;_< I hate them. But they're fun to mod anyway :D but walking with them was a different story, since after day 1 their silverpainting wore of and I had to use ducttape for repairing, oh noes TTuTT but at least they lasted the whole weekend? :D


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Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Character Roxas
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