Jill Valentine

Resident Evil



I am a HUGE RE-game fan! ^_^
It all started with borrowing a (French!) RE game from my sister ex boyfriend when I was 15-16.
Immediately I was addicted to the game, started to stay up late and reading a dictionary for the translation.
(French is not my mother tongue... and sometimes there were difficult words in the documents)

Again, good old memories and 1 of the main reasons why I did this cosplay.

Bought: BLACK baret, patches, wig and gloves
Stock: old shoes and wig :-)
Rest: made

S.T.A.R.S emblem will be done at the back and DIY gloves will be made.

I loved doing our act.
Guys, thanks again for being zombies!! ^_^



- new gloves (2nd handed gloves + craft foam and fake leather)
- S.T.A.R.S. Logo made from fake leather
- top has been made smaller

Price: 70~80 Euro (not incl. wig)


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Series Resident Evil
Character Jill Valentine
Variant R.E.


Y2K_Kat Great Jill Valentine :D

fly_aguilera awesome!

God of war Very cool cosplay

Deadly Yea the Pants you are wearing where did you find them?

uematsu_chick hi there,awesome costume!!i'm planning to cosplay Jill at my 21st in september,just wondering how you did the shoulder pads and trousers?thanks!