carebearmid78 as Son Goku

Son Goku


Cosplayer: carebearmid78
First worn at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2006. This is not an outfit for warm weather cons! I think this is my favorite out of all the costumes I've done so far. I keep remaking it too...For MomoCon '08 I want to add the high cuffs for his brown boots instead of leaving the hikers as is. I'm also working on a new sash and straps. The new shoulder armor is already done, made of sheet aluminum flashing, duct tape and Great Stuff (that's exactly what it's called). I may also try a metal power limiter. Maybe after a gazillion remakes I'll finally perfect it ^^

Update 12-13-2009: This cosplay has gone through 3 sets of shoulder armor, 2 nyoi-bohs, 3 red sashes, 2 power limiters, 3 pairs of khaki jeans and 2 shirts. And it's still as of yet NOT perfected, since I have yet to get the one obviously badly needed thing to top off this outfit: