Melima331 as Berserker Rikku

Berserker Rikku

Final Fantasy X-2

Cosplayer: Melima331
This is my second cosplay, but my first "official" cosplay, and I just adore it. I was really new to everything at this point, but my boyfriend was a ton of help.
I'll try and do a brief explanation of what I did, but it was a while ago, and a lot of my methods were, well, "primitive" since I didn't know any of the cosplay tricks yet.

The horn band was wonderflex and the horn itself was a duck tape mold with plaster strips covering it.
The armor was molded with the plaster strips and covered in wonderflex (we really had no idea what we were doing with the wonderflex at first, but we made it work). The middle part is a foam visor covered in fabric and a sculpey necklace.
The "bikini" is actually a fabric covered bra and bikini bottoms. I mondified it to be a bit more modest (but not too modest). I really didn't want the "Underboob" she has going on in this costume. Yeah....not so much.
The paws are made out of modified gloves and the claws are sculpey.
The feet are attached to sandals. The toes are foam. The then covered it in fabric.
I drew the tattoo on my leg at first, but to make the process of getting ready easier (since drawing it on took forever), I drew it on a pair of nude tights for later versions of this costumes.

One day, when I have the time and funds, my boyfriend and I would like to go back and re-do this entire costume. I want to make it PERFECT since it was my first costume and I really want to go and fix it with all the new skills we have learned