Yami Bakura (Battle City version)




During August 2004, I viewed blue striped material in my local surplus store. As thus, a costume was born. ^_^
My Bakura wig was improved for its appearance at Anime Boston 2005, adding two winglike extensions to the previously modified structure.
Battle City Bakura was my introduction to wiring elements of my costumes: because the clothing flare that appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh series is incredibly flambouyant, it was my sincere mission to mirror it with my production. Only a hint of the wired structure, however appears in any favorable photo I have collected (the second listed reveals an appropriate back view of its volume, and I am satisfied, at least, with the glimpse that it provides. ^_^)


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Yami Bakura (Battle City version)


yamibakura666 cool wig were did u get it?

Cornwiggle I really like what you did with your hair. :D