The Vision of Escaflowne

Well, when I told her how set I was on being Dilandau, I don't know what triggered it, but my sis decided she wanted to be Folken. She hopes the wig and armor will make up for the fact that she looks nothing like him, lol. But either way, she is incredibly excited because Escaflowne is her favorite anime series ever, and she's been itching to do Esca cosplay - she just never knew what.

I'll admit, there are some aspects of it that should be fixed, but they probably won't be. ^_^;; Despite that fact that she looks nothing like him, I think she still had a blast with the short time she did wear it, and I know she plans on treasuring that wig for a very long time, lol.

Now we just have to pick a winter con to wear our Esca coplays to because gosh darn it were we roasting!
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Series The Vision of Escaflowne
Character Folken

NytenGale WHAT did you use to make the armor on both these costumes?! just curious...haven't seen it b4! :)