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Ok, so here's the deal!

*Wig: got it from a lovely dealer in NYC, somewhere I think on 23rd and 7th? Great volume, perfect blonde color, and easily styled. All I did was hairspray and set the bangs really.

*Dress: reaallllyyyy easy, almost completely based on a McCall's 2401 pattern, altering only in my weird custom size of big chest, little body XDDD. Self made scallop (not the seafood kind :P) in photoshop, and used frayblocker to stop the fabric fray of the scallops. Custom sized white zipper in the back from my fav place!

*Shoes: ok, the sandals were hard to find because the straps were soo specific, so i ended up just cutting off a portion of a bandolio shoe on sale for $15. Painted it with permanent acrylic light blue paint, and went to Shindou, this really cool Japanese trim place in NYC that sold little flower-shaped ribbons for the flowers on her shoes.

Overall, loves this one XD BTW, If you ever have the chance, go browse for fabrics and materials in the fashion district, you'll find amazing deals if you look hard enough ^.~

My lovely *mik0 muffin ! has the Kairi pink dress I made her, i love her in it! Go check out her gallery!


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