When designing a human-form Kyuubi, I wanted to try and stay as close as possible to Kishimoto's ninja-style clothing, while adding my own flare. Somehow, after much self-doubt and feeling that I failed the costume, I found the people loved it a great deal, and I feel happy with it.

Since this costume's debut in 2008, I have been fixing and adjusting things as I go. I don't have any current photo's at this time of current changes.
Jan/2010- New images uploaded of second variant.


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Series Naruto
Character Kyuubi
Variant Human Ninja


sorakitsune I also love your Cosplay! I can't wait to get mine up so you and everyone else can see! ^^

CharcoalEyes I love this costume! Great fabrics and colors! :D I have a few photos from the C3 picnic of you.