Mega Man Zero



The helmet is build around a hockey helmet, using foam rubber and fabric to make the parts added to the hockey helmet. The parts around the ears are hollow, so I can place a bluetooth device inside them for instance, so I can answer the phone without having to take of my helm.

The gloves are made of black synthetic leather and white cotton, while the bracers are made of foam rubber covered with fabric.

The boots are build around the inside part of a set of skates. The inside is chased within a foam rubber shell, which I constructed of foam rubber that I cut in many different shapes and then put together by sewing the fabric together. Therefore the boots are both comfortable and durable. I used floor fax on the soles to make the boots durable enough to withstand outdoor use.

The jacket is made of rougher fabric than anything the rest of the parts, and the top and bottom has been filled with foam rubber to shape the jacket correctly.


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Series Mega Man Zero
Character Zero


Kasinator WIN!!! :D

Ansatsusama Awesome!!

Felonintendo WOW YOU kicked ass

magnataur00 very good!!!!

zerotte good work, I am jealous, but wheres the saber? and you should get something bigger and cooler for the cape

Drakkashi Thanks, I'm very glad you like my cosplay ^^

Sypher782 EPIC!!!!

Zerooiri You're a cool Zero o0o

METAL DARK ZERO very good i do like your suit!

radar_exe how did you do your costume? i'm slowly getting all the stuff to do omega....the big bad daddy of megaman cosplaying....but when i make something i want it to last more then 3 years and i would LOVE to know hwo you did some if not all of your costume.....

Lyurilei thanks for your comment! your cosplay is really nice too

Vay Very nice costume!! ♥~