LeBlanc Wizard

Granado Espada



Costume based on maggi21 artwork and in-grame models.

Costume made of white silk, poly velvet, poly chiffon, poly organza and poly lace yardage.

Small designs on jacket were drawn in Illustrator, digitized and machine embroidered. Large designs were appliqued with HnB and clear thread.

Jacket and skirt were drafted initially from commercial patterns, but modified. Bodice was draped. Bodice is boned with 1/4" spring and spiral steel.

There is a Laughing Moon Dore corset in nude coutil underneath.

I think I would have preferred to use charcoal grey instead of black and I am very happy I went with off-white and not white.

Took a million years to finish because I spent far too long on details...like making 40m of chiffon bias tape. '-_-

Ripped apart and redid every part at least once. (Did lower skirt in black chiffon first..made out of organza second time. Painted grey designs on first time with pebeo silk paint, looked sloppy so took out offending panels, recut and appliqued in grey chiffon.)


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Series Granado Espada
Character LeBlanc Wizard
Variant LeBlanc


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