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Just started planning it. We've bought most of the materials. We just have to wait for the wig to come in so we came match the color of the shirt. And we're still trying to find the right boots.

The same person that I made the Sheik costume will be wearing this. I'll try to put some pictures up as soon as I have some progress done on it.

Edit: Wig came in. And we've bought boots and the material for the shirt. Actually, the shirt is finished. As soon as i can get a hold of a camera i will post some pictures. Cloak is finished as well. It's actually double colored, not just red. (Because it's the thickness of two fabrics, it's not as flow-y as i would like, but we'll see how it goes once i trim and cut up the ends...) Now i just need to add the little details, like the belts and metal on the boots, etc...


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