Zahmira as Beryl


Sailor Moon

human form

Cosplayer: Zahmira
So, yes, me in a dress. This is Beryl from Sailor Moon. Yes, Beryl. She appears in this form on only two pages of the manga (and the second page was just re-using frames from the first anyway). Basically, what she looked like before she went evil. Colour image from the Materials Collection:

Dress and apron are my own patterns. Sandles were slightly modified from something I found on Ebay. The roses were just picked up at Michael's and glued to some embroidery floss. Jewels were made from Sculpey. They seemed to be white in the Materials Collection picture, but I felt this costume needed some colour, so I used blue as they appear in the anime.

Is she a maid with fancy jewelery? Is she nobility in a maid dress? Who knows.