Emily , Victor van Dort

Corpse Bride



Photograpers : Rianna , Mitsuba , Iren , Opium Kyo
Cosplayer : Miyori (Me ^^)


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Series Corpse Bride
Character Emily , Victor van Dort


lily.young Rally like the costume!!!!! May I Reprint the costume to Yinchuan Cosplay Bar? I wanan introduce the costume to cosplayers there. Here is the website. http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%D2%F8%B4%A8cos thank you very much.

TheDeku OMG, this is epic. I love your expressions and the backgrounds in your pictures. They really bring the character to life!

EnergizerBunny You're pictures are absolutely breathtaking! They are in character, they are in beautiful scenery and most of all, they are full of emotion! I absolutely love it!

CinnamonJazz What a fun Character. You did it justice!

Sephirayne This is a beautiful costume and I love the photos.

Dinamet7 This is incredible! Gorgeous!

elanor-elwyn Поздравляю с шоукейзом! шикарнейший образ

Rumilicious Really awesome!

tennisnutter What a gorgeous dress! Is it in two pieces?

Snow-Storm great worrk with this costume, I like it!

WARPAINTandUnicorns Your photo's in this costume are so lovely but a well deserved SHOWCASED!

Mohmoh amazing costume and pictures!

Sass Awesome and beautiful cosplay. <3<3<3<3

Hillasaur amazing, i love it

Narnian Wow! Great job!

sandysuicide you are PERFECT for this cosplay, seriously, you resemble her so much *-*

xZergg Wow! This is amazing!!!

Graceasaur Excellent! You're so pretty. :D

SageBell It is very well done. I love it. Sage

PaUUzuMaKi Oh you are just like Emily I love your work ....