Shadow Roxas

Kingdom Hearts II



This is Shadow Roxas. Yes, Shadow Roxas IS in the game. No, Shadow Roxas is NOT a character of my own creation. For those of you who missed his 40-second debut and equally as short demise, you fight him once in Twilight Town after he walks out of the waterfall and an additional handful of times via Hollow Bastion and The World That Never Was. Obviously an all-black costume is pretty boring, so I took a few liberties, but I really like the way it turned out for the most part. Like all costumes it requires a few tweakings after its first wearing, but aside from a few smallish things to do with the wig and such, I really enjoyed making and finishing this costume.

We entered the World Cosplay Summit as Anti-Sora and Shadow Roxas and we took Best Performance and came in third place. For anyone who wishes to watch the skit, it's up at ACParadise here -> [link] though you have to sign up for an account in order to view it. They'll probably have it up on Youtube eventually.

Everything on Roxas was made by me sans the struggle bat, which I bought in Chinatown. Anti-Sora is Saeru. If you have any questions about glowy eyes or big Sora clown shoes, they should be directed to her.

As an aside, I like standing by doors in this costume and scaring people as they walk by who assume I'm a life-size statue until I lunge at them.


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Character Shadow Roxas


Roxas226 ahhhhhhh i love it!!!! ♥♥♥


cosplaycami Ohayo! Very very very very very good idea for a cosplay * o * I love Greetings

Harl Yep, I did. I wefted two wigs together and hand colored one, and then styled it.

KoriStarfire Did you make the wig yourself? i'm curious about how this wig was done cause i remember drooling over it at youmacon XD

perfect7cell awesome whered you get the mask plz tell me XD looks awesome 10/10

phiexos Fecking awesome. I love the concept used. :3

Miyazawa_Lulu Your skit was one of the funniest of the whole masquerade IMHO, and your costumes are really original and well done ^^ Good job!

Haven I thought this was an original until I read that he's in the game, then I remembered him from Twilight Town. ^^' You did a fantastic job with it! Sugoi! =D