Zaraki Kenpachi




This was a pair cosplay with ConfettiCake as Yachiru. <;

I went for the realistic approach with this costume, rather than matching the artwork directly. That is to say, the cut of the garments and the detail is "correct" if we could imagine the character in real life. I'm especially proud of the fray on the haori *not* just being a zig-zag.

That's my real hair! Done up marvelously by ConfettiCake. We got it down to a routine that took 1.5 hours every morning. X) Each spike was individually sprayed with Got2b Glued "freeze spray" and blow-dried while holding it out. The bells were then tied on with thread.

The hakama, haori, and two kosode were made from scratch, using Mr. Cardon's excellent guide as a reference with many modifications. <; The haori does not yet have the captain's markings.

Sandals were to be woven as per <;. Socks are just big socks that get pushed in by the toe-thong. Sadly, the sandals were not ready in time for the con. Currently one is finished and the other is in a state of "I should really work on that... sometime."

I was really happy with how this costume came out, and was exceptionally pleased with how cute my Yachiru looked on my shoulder. ^_^ Please let me know what you think!


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Character Zaraki Kenpachi


deshwitat you both look great, and your one of the best kenpachi cosplays I've seen