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Firstly, I'd like to acknowledge the Jo in my pictures... yay AkaneSaotome! *claps* Her Jo is so lovely<3 ~

Meg is one of my favorite outfits to wear. I put soo much time and effort into her and she has gotten lots of love wherever I've brought her... though perhaps that just might be because I'm showing a bit of skin ^^; Anyway... XD

The entirety of Meg was freehanded *insert nightmare of a shirt*. My first project without any patterns.. eep x.x;

The shirt was a bra (originally beige) that was painted yellow and white. I attached yellow trigger (pants material, I think) to it, pinning like a madwoman to make sure it fit just right. After that I cut out the circle in the back and used Fray-check on the edges. The strap across the front was next, then the blue pieces on the sides. The skirt was just two panels of fabric held up by grommets and a ribbon-lace thing. I wear blue high-cut swim bottoms under it so any accidental panty shots might at least be canon XD The shirt was trimmed once the skirt was done and measured out.. all the points are even ^^ The chaps I had from my other version of Meg.. pretty much just pinned fabric to my legs and walked around until they felt right XD

A huge thanks to RikkusFaith for the help she gave me<333


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HimeZelda Yay I have found your Muwahaha. xDD (xxsummonereikoxx on deviantart) I found your once before but I forgot what it was. LOL

tenren Wahhh your Meg is awesome!!!! I wish you were bringing her to Otakon....then I'd actually have motive to finish my Jo in time xD

Geister You make an awesome Meg!!! And you friend who did Jo looks awesome!!! Great Job to the both of you!!!