Susan Sto Helit




I've been a fan of the Discworld books for a long time. So it was about time that I got around to making a costume from them. Since my dad also goes to D*Con and has talked about being Death for a while I figured Susan would be the best choice.

The most complicated part I did was the corset. But I made it as a class project back in college. So I already had it, and that made that part pretty easy for me. I also made the dress which was super easy. One little trick I learned was how to wear stockings and still have pale looking legs. I just layered a pair of off white tights with a pair or nude pantyhose. I got the cloak from my dad and the boots from a friend. My dad also made our Omega symbols. And penny_dreadful styled my wig for me.


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Series Discworld
Character Susan Sto Helit


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