Won't lie, didn't think this cosplay would happen for another year or so.
But I am SO happy that it happened. Lavi is one of my absolutely favorite characters, and I loved portraying him!!

And yeah that hammer... after 10 hrs of lugging it around, I was ready to chuck it in the trash. But I still love it <3

I'll update this later with more legit cosplay photos. Me and my friend mandi-chan have a photoshoot planned later this fall/winter in Savannah ^_^ can't wait.

The parking garage was much fun though.


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Lavi
Variant 2nd Uniform


zizi994 You is so cool~ :D

MoguriMugi Lavi~ You make him look good ;) And excellent hammer!

BrokenShinobi Beautiful cosplay! Does the phrase 'super intensely awesome' mean anything to you? Because it should! :D I really like the parking garage photos. The lighting and poses were really great.

Thearah This looks really good-- one of the besst I've seen! The hammer and the work on the jacket itself are just superb! So crisp and good-looking!

Draga03 Beautiful photos you have that were taken in the parking garage. Awesome costume, otherwise! ^^ How did you make your hammer?

princemercury1 You did a amazing job. I especially love the coat, its looks professinally made. I wish I would of seen this up close, but I must I miss you at AWA wearing this costume. !_!

vampricyoda I really like the Hammer. That must have been alot of work!

Lydialulu yay for lavi! your lavi is looking amazing so far! can't wait to see it finished! :D