Mako Nymph




This is similar to my Lifestream Goddess outfit from Otakon, yet with a hint of the 20's mixed with today's fashions. For you gamers, I also considered the color scheme of Final Fantasy VII when making this!

Feathers: Purchased at MOOD, modified by me

Hair extensions: Purchased at Hot Topic, color changes added by me.

Trims (ribbons, beads, ect...): Purchased from Michaels, MOOD, or found in my Remnants bin.

Earrings: My mothers!

Star Necklace: Purchased from Swarovski, it's actually a Christmas ornament.

Corset: Purchased from Gothic Rennissance in NYC, was originally just plain black!

Fabric: Purchased at MOOD (the lace) or found in my remnants bin (everything else!).

Whip: Purchased from Wicked Faire, her name is Scarlet. She's real leather and is diligently cared for!

Boots: Purchased at Hot Topic, modified by me.

Garter and Garter charms: Made by me.

Bracelet: Purchased from a wedding jewelry stand.

A quick note: Like the hairpiece? Want one? I DO do commissions! Send me a note!



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