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I LOVE sailor Pluto and doing this costume is a dream come true. ^^ I like how the skirt and the bows came out. And I like my time staff, though it looks not that original since i suck at propmaking XD


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Pluto


Noriko Cosplay i am very impressed with your cosplay XP


Evlyn you are so beautiful, i love your cosplay. congratulations.

CalamityJade amazing, you're perfect! *___*

Evlyn Congratulations again you look great. I love all yours cosplays

Anita-chan u r soo sexy!!!!!! amazing cos! congratulations

Smarebear This is SUCH an amazing Pluto! Your costumes are phenomenal! -bows-

Myotsuki~ *------------------------------* i love it so much ;_;~ you're one of the best sailor pluto *x*!~

Occhie_CEVO that's so COOL!!!

Daisya_naru Great cosplay n.n

andreiafalqueto I think you you look good in Sailor Mars too! Very pretty!!

Kaizoku-Syn wow, really pretty! *tear* you've done them proud.

Chipie You have the perfect face for sailor Pluto!

usakou your soo nice costume^^

Hikari_chan56 Such a beautiful costume! You look the part of Sailor're just so gorgeous!

Narci_ This costume is PERFECT! i love love love it! more pix please! ^_^

prettypoison Absolutely incredible. I hope I look that great in my scout uniform someday. *-*

Gryphus Amazing

Sha- Ha! Saw you on LBM, you just look amazing as Pluto♥

ai_no_kaku Your Pluto is beautiful. Absotlutely spot on! Kudos on a job well done <3