Orihime Inoue




Love this cosplay, wait till you see my official outfit XDD

*Wig: got a lovely wig (though I did have to straighten it for Orihime a bit ^.^U) from DH Gate China Wholesale Marketplace. They sell fantastic stuff, check them out!

*Yukata: made it from beautiful brocade I found in NYC. (If you ever have the chance, go browse for fabrics in the fashion district, you'll find amazing deals if you look hard enough ^.~) Used a self altered pattern from 4080 Simplicity.
~~~~(BEWARE!!! This is a costume pattern so a professional yukata/kimono you have to make a lot of alterations, this is just a decent BASE. Remember to make an inner kimono the same way as the kimono because the fake collar thing sucks!)

*Obi: haha, i cheated, borrowed *mik0 muffin ! 's pink obi XD

*Leggings: easy, already had 'em in my closet XD

*Sandals: got them a long time ago too, they work because they're on a wooden base. XD

*Hair ornaments: all self made using fake flowers, beads, comb and pin, fishing wire, etc... (it's fun to make you're own accessories!)

*Kinchaku: made from a cardboard circle base with a felt shock absorber, left over material from my yukata, and upholstery cord bought in M&J Trimming.

Done to match *mik0 muffin ! 's opposite, Rukia, because we do everything in pairs XDD


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Series Bleach
Character Orihime Inoue
Variant Original Short Yukata


Narnian Adorable cosplay!!!

Yazmine Very cute =)

Thearah This is awesome! Lol. Thank you for the comment. ^_^ I really liked my version, but I'm re-making parts of it. YAY~