Kazuma Kuwabara

YuYu Hakusho



This was a relatively easy costume to put togeather.

Jacket: All I did was buy a pattern and worked off of that. I believe I used something of a cotton twill. After the base was done I added all the pockets then made the kanji on the back by cutting out stiff felt left over from my Gohan cosplay.

Headband: Was harder to put togeather then you would think. There was only 1 shot of all the kanji on his headband in the whole freaken series>> That was a mondo biznitch to find But I did ^w^

Pants/Boots: Bought

Wig: The wig I ordered didn't come in on time so I went to Nobbies bought a long curly wig, cut all of it off then I used some Got2B Glued and took all the hair on the top and sprayed it forward then poofed it out a bit. For the sides I just slicked them back and sprayed.


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Series YuYu Hakusho
Character Kazuma Kuwabara
Variant white outfit


Kaiya_Kurama Omg WOW!! Love love love your kuwabara Dont see him much lol hey you should ttly go to the Sakura-con this yr as Kuwabara Im actualli going as Kurama and would love to take pics with you!! Also Sakura-con is one of the biggest conventions better then tht is tht It is sooooo much fun this will be my second time going So ttly tell me if your up to going ^_^ -giggle-