Shiki Misaki

The World Ends with You

Sorry for the crappy icon photo. I'll get a better one eventually. >_>

I ended up not having to buy very much for this cosplay. Most of it was made from scraps of fabric I've had laying around and needed to get rid of (lol)

Making this cosplay fairly...interesting xD The whole thing is made of two T-shirts, a tank top, carpenter pants and the rest is all scrap fabric xD

The skirt was made from a leg of carpenters pants I had chopped up s long time ago...It's 9" at it's longest point *sob* And although I do wear nylons and dance shorts with it along with body tape so it stays in place when I kneel/sit, I'm still not very comfortable in this cosplay. I look foreward to losing weight and being able to wear it with confidence.
I'll be doing a photoshoot in this once I lose a sufficiant amount of weight =3=
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Series The World Ends with You
Character Shiki Misaki
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