Haruhi Suzumiya(Bunny Outfit)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Well, you all know how much I loove Haruhi!! ^^ So I decided to put together her bunny outfit!! :D

The ears and tail were bought off Amazon. ^^

The leotard was bought off a dancewear online shop. :)

The stockings I got from Target. <3

The cuffs and bowtie were made by me with white fabric. I used black ribbon and tied the bowtie and stuck it on the white neck base.

The black heels my mom gave me. ^^ Apparently she had some from a long time ago and she never wore them except for once. =P So she decided to let me have them for my costume. <33 And they fit me. :D

And, of course, the headband is from my original Haruhi costume. ^_^
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Series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Character Haruhi Suzumiya(Bunny Outfit)

Angelx624 This cosplay is actually retired for now, and I plan to remake/re-do it in the future! This was like, my 2nd cosplay and I've actually learned a LOT about cosplay since then. This cosplay is four years old, can't believe how fast time flies!

RiderAndKallen It needs a little work, but it is a good start. Those aren't stockings, since stockings don't cover the waist.