Phavorianne as Lynn Minmay

Lynn Minmay



Cosplayer: Phavorianne
One of my cosplay pet-peeves is people who insist that Minmay's hair is blue: she's Chinese-Japanese, her hair isn't actually blue. My mother told me that when she was growing up in Asia it was considered beautiful to have really, really black hair (as opposed to a warm or brown black). People would say, wow, her hair is so black, it almost looks blue. THAT'S Minmay's hair color. Now, if you want to cosplay Minmay with blue hair, that's fine, I have no problems with that. But if you're going to nitpick my costume and complain that my hair color is wrong... yes it's wrong, but not because it isn't blue. On a side note, I think Kitsy did an amazing Minmay (and her wig was jet black <3)!

Also, I don't like Minmay. :P LOL!

Costume made by myself and my mother.