Hyuuga Neji




Ok, at first I absolutely HATED Neji, but after the Chuunin exam, when he got over his fate complex, that's when I started liking him. I decided to cosplay as him since we both have the same hair style, haha (which is true for a LOT of my cosplays).

I got a great deal on the shirt fabric. It was 9.99 a yard but it was on sale for 60% off and it was the last 2.5 yards left. The collar was the hardest part for me to make. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming, but it's done and it looks fine, at least in my opinion.

Everything else was easy to buy and make. I've fixed up everything I bought so it's safe to say I did do SOME constuction on it. But for the most part, all I really did make was the shirt.

Icon from photo by Eurobeat King


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Series Naruto
Character Hyuuga Neji
Variant No headband (final Chuunin exam)


sexyshikagirl Love it!!!!!