Neo Queen Serenity

Sailor Moon R



Neo Queen Serenity has always been my favourite costume. It was my first cosplay earlier in the year, but I got pregnant soon after I started cosplaying. I had seen a piece of fan-art of Serenity pregnant and thought it was beautiful, so it was my "Maternity" costume long before I got pregnant.

The last convention before I gave birth was pretty early in my pregnancy, so it wasn't very impressive. My husband and I did a photo shoot at 8 months that gave much better pictures.

I loved wearing this costume. It was comfortable, showcased my baby, and got a lot of attention. Even 1 1/2 years later, people get excited when they realize I had worn the costume and see my (not so little) baby.


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Last Updated 12 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series Sailor Moon R
Character Neo Queen Serenity
Variant Pregnant


Browncoatcait I love this soo much. I am currently pregnant with our second daughter and I have wanted to cosplay a pregnant Neo Queen Serenity since I was prego with our first. This is really amazing. Have you considered selling it if you haven't already?

xxguerita_19xx I wana buy the costume pliz help ,where I can get it :) am prego to

Earthychan Wow... I love this costume. You look great!

nessabutterfly thank you! The circles are actually just gold rick rack, sewed in a figure 8 sort of pattern

xxusakomoonxx Where did you find/ how did you make the gold circles at the top of the dress?

cellabella even when your 8 months preggers, you still look amazing!!

PrincessAoi Beautiful. I'm a super fan of Sailor moon and I agree wiht amber you do look amazing! ^^

amber7879 *wwwwaaahhhhh* so pretty! u look amazing!!