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We watched My-HIME last year (06-07 school year) in club last year, and I enjoyed it a lot, in spite of the gratuitous fanservice. I have a lot in common with Mai, not the least of which being a karaoke obsession. And the uniforms are CUTE. I have a thing for cute seifuku. So I had to make it. It was a last minute decision to complete it by AX, but I figured I wanted another costume.

I had to dye WAY too much of this costume. The fabric I ordered ended up being a little more yellow than gold, so I had to dye the vest fabric. I also dyed the lining to match it a little better. The vest looks really good in some lighting, a little too mustardy in others. Not bad though. The skirt was also dyed.

The skirt came out quite cute, unfortunately it was the most awkward thing to run around in. Number one, I don't wear skirts often to begin with. Number two, NEVER that short. I was running around with a couple of my friends, and if I dropped something, I didn't want to go down to get it.

I consider this incomplete for a couple reason. I need to redo the hook-and-eye closure on the vest; I just quick stitched some hook-and-eye tape onto it. I also need to make her rings.


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series My-HiME
Character Tokiha Mai
Variant Summer uniform


elfenproxy Nice job! I would have loved to see a head to toe though.. you should put more pics!