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I've always liked the image since I first saw it, and seeing as Ad Astra is a literary convention, going as "Alice" will make sense to other people. Besides, Oselle has a Cheshire Cat lolita costume and Baensidhe a Mad Hatter, so we can wear them all together.

I'm using a pattern from Simplicity, but I lengthened it a little bit, as it was a good starting point. I'm using quilter's cotton (heritage craft cotton) for the dress and apron. I've got the dress skirt assembled, including the sleeves and zipper put it. It has yet to be hemmed, but I need the apron for length as well. I need to deepen a few darts, and add some top-stitching for extra detail, but otherwise it's put together minus the cuffs (I need interfacing, and the store has a sale from the 21st to 23rd).

I have gold cording for the yellow trim on the cuffs and matching thread to sew it on.

March update - Made the cuffs (cotton, 2 layers of fusible interfacing) and sewed the trim on. Decided to make the detail a loop instead of ending the trim as that was more hassle. I think it looks alright.

Apron is completed! It's made of heritage quilter's cotton, and a bit narrower than the pattern apron, and a little bigger than the ref. image because I figured that I'd need the extra size once the dress and petticoats were on.

Trim is 1cm wide satin ribbon attached with heat-n-bond, which worked out better than I expected, even with the slight curve of the bottom of the apron.

Shirt and Rabbit:
I still need to buy a shirt to modify for the undershirt, and finish sewing my white rabbit (it's cut out from fleece, but not sewn yet).

April update: Shirt was bought at Sally Ann for $2, and it had some very deep darts sewn in, along with ties to keep it pulled back a little bit (the collar was too big). The trim was ribbon with heat-n-bond, same as on the apron. Sleeves were cut off as they weren't needed.

Rabbit: Sewn together now, as of early March. It's stuffed, too. Doesn't have eyes or nose or anything yet, but it'll get there.

April update: Eyes were sewn on (buttons), and it took about 4 or 5 attempts to embroider on the nose. It's not exactly how I want it, but it worked. The leftover blue ribbon was tied on as his bow. Some other Wonderlanders really liked my bunny. ^_^

I've bought the headband I'm going to use, and finally covered it with leftover parquet suede instead of satin. It was scraps anyway, and it's nice and dark. Hotglued it on. Not the cleanest job, but as it's on my head, and between the band and the wig, no one will see it.

The wig is being reused from Yuujirou, as I think it suits Tomoe much better.

I think I'll wear it with knee-high socks, like my other princess princess dress, instead of tights (I don't like tights or pantyhose very much).

As for shoes, I went with a pair of Mary Janes that have a heel but it's not separate (a little more like platforms). I think it worked rather well.


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